10.11.2020 (Вторник/Tuesday)

14:00 – 16:00


Sudden cardiac death: Time for molecular autopsy; the Greek experience Professor Chara Spiliopoulou, M.D.Pharm.D., Ph.D, Greece


Ethical challenges in the time of Covid 19Prof. Biljana Janeska, MD, PhD N.Macedonia


Дискусија/ Discussion


Презентација на абстракти / Abstracts presentation


SARS-CoV2 genome found in a dead body in late Post Mortem period – Prof. Zlatko Jakjovski, MD, PhD, N.Macedonia


Невообичаена причина за смрт кај Kовид болен – Dr. Sci Natasha Davcheva, MD, N.Macedonia


Forensic challenge in multiple self-inflected gunshot wounds – Asst. dr. Goran Pavlovski, MD, N.Macedonia


The last selfie – Case report – Asst. dr. Natasha Bitoljanu, MD, N.Macedonia


A Retrospective Study on Suicide in North Macedonia – Asst. dr. Viktorija Belakaposta-Srpanova, N.Macedonia


Retrospective study for benzodiazepine related deaths over five years period (2013-2017) in Republic of North Macedonia – Marija Bujaroska, Mpharm, N.Macedonia